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NetGear Review - Best Customer Service Experience - wireless router
NetGear Review

NetGear Review


Best Customer Service Experience - wireless router

If you are looking for a wireless router I highly recommend Netgear . I recently had to contact Netgear Customer Service for help in setting up my TiVo. The Customer Service Rep couldn't have been more helpful. He was patient, courteous, and professional - such a refreshing change from the usual surly customer service we're used to receiving. Kudos to Netgear for getting it right!!!!

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Trixy says: (8 years ago)
Netgear is not only the biggest pile of junk I ever wasted money on, the most important aspect is that after spending close to 10 hrs on the phone with these most unknowledgeable individuals, there is no support to their product. According to the customer service management team, they do not sell products to customers. They only sell to distributors and do not consider or treat us the customer as a valuable aspect to their business. Of all the computer companies I've dealt with over the many years, NETGEAR IS BY FAR THE MOST AGGREVATING, DISRESPECTFUL COMPANY I WILL NEVER HAVE THE MISFORTUNE IN DEALING WITH AGAIN. SPEND A LITTLE MORE FOR A DEVICE THAT IS SUPPORTED BY THOSE THAT VALUE THEIR CUSTOMERS, OR YOU MAY BE DESIRING TO POST A SIMILAR PATHETIC EXPERIENCE AS WE HAVE. AS THEY SAY, LET THE BUYER BEWARE.

Trixy says: (8 years ago)
I had made the mistake of purchasing, what I consider through all the hardware I have purchased, one of the biggest piles of garbage. It's not so much that before the 5 month old router bit the dust, I had spent approximately 8-9 hours on the phone and after they had me going back to the I.P., since they blamed them for the problem; their router held no settings after finally getting into their settings page. It was not bad enough to have to go through NETGEAR support overseas, then after they finally agreed the router was defective, I then had to call again since the promised call back from NETGEAR'S California office, was never returned. When I called them again, I finally spoke with their tech, which they required and I wasted another close to 2 hours only to confirm what was already known, this router was defective. The only way to get the replacement (REFURBISHED ONLY AND OF COURSE IF SOMETHING HAPPENED, MY CREDIT CARD WOULD BE CHARGED FOR A BRAND NEW ONE), was by giving them my credit card and then expect a Refurbished replacement router in maybe a week and a half. NETGEAR'S pathetic customer service management team, claims they answer directly to Mr. Lo, the CEO. These management reps (all 5 young immature individuals) could care less that I had wasted close to 9-10 hours on the phone in total and being felt as though I was played as a tennis ball by them accusing my I.P. to be the problem. They are the most arrogant idiots I have ever dealt with in all the years of dealing with computer hardware companies. Like all the other responses, I to suggest not wasting your money, especially your time or you may find out this type of experience first hand. They do not extend the support since we are not their customers (per their customer service management) and you may waste your time by supporting a company that does not extend the same to their indirect customers. I believe customer support, which is non-existent with this company, is to be the most important thing a company has to offer. Mind you for this company, that would be pathetic customer support at its’ very least, from this company that cares less of their supporting customers. According to them, they do not sell anything to us, the customers, they sell to their distributors. In dealing with this mentality, what they don't understand is without their customer’s; they won't have any need to sell to their so-called distributors. In closing, this has to be the most regrettable pile of hardware I ever made the mistake in purchasing. Without support, there is no product as far as I'm concerned. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS DISRESPECTFUL COMPANY, EVEN IF IT MEANS PAYING A LITTLE MORE, WHICH WILL BE WELL WORTH IT. OTHERWISE, YOU MAY HAVE THIS TYPE OF PATHETIC EXPERIENCE FIRST HAND. THERE MAY BE A GOOD POSSIBILITY, YOU MIGHT BE ANOTHER TO POST WHAT A PATHHETIC COMPANY THEY ARE TO DEAL WITH. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT EVEN HEAVY ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY MAKE A GOOD PAPER WEIGHT, WHICH I WOULD HAVE AT LEAST GOTTEN BETTER USE OF WITH LESS AGGREVATION. PATHETIC, PATHETIC AND I ONLY HOPE THIS TYPE OF SUPPORT EVENTUALLY CATCHES UP WITH THEM, (AS WE THE CUSTOMERS THEY DON'T SELL TO) HOPEFULLY PUTS NETGEAR OUT OF BUSINESS, WERE THEY BELONG, SINCE THEY DON'T SELL TO CUSTOMERS.

a1cowell says: (8 years ago)
Absolutely opposite to my experience.

ithinknetgeariscrap says: (8 years ago)
are you serious? ever call their customer support hot line? bunch of camel jockies who can't even speak english and then complete "your" online survey of their "help" themselves. worthless crap product and worthless employees. going back to linksys!

lispen1984 says: (9 years ago)
i have had two routers in 15 months i am disgested with what i have brought every timone, my computer works ok for 8 months then the router plays up when i try, and game on my pc they are surposed to be the best but crap i need a new one again as my internet gaming is playing up but i thought it was my internet but it wasnt, router again how many times do i have to go though this so i think that i will go some where else and i will not recomend net gear to any one i have reset it 5 times now works fine for half hour then plays up again could you please tell what i am surposed to do.

yours sincerely mr penny
e i get a new
lispen@hoitmail.co.uk if you could let me know what i can do thanks

Fromnetgear says: (9 years ago)
What did you go to netgear for when you was looking for support with your PC not your network. We don't setup TiVo or any other technology crap. We setup routers, switches, wireless access points not computers.

netgearnogood says: (10 years ago)
No live support offered. Internet support not helpful. Will never buy Netgear product again because simple assistance was not offered. I had to get service for your product at Bestbuy who sold me new PC and they didn't charge anything. They configured my PC in a minute. You lost my business by not showing goodwill and product support. Bye bye Netgear

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